Students in Garam Chashma rally for internet facility

GARAM CHASHMA: Scores of students in Garam Chashma held a rally, demanding that their area should be provided a proper internet facility so that they can join online classes and continue education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The participants of the rally who are students of different colleges and universities in different parts of the country were holding placards and chanting slogans in support of their demand.

They said due to absence of the facility, they were suffering and their future was at stake.

The students in Garam Chashma said after the educational institutions were closed in all cities due to the coronavirus pandemic, they have been sitting idle in their home villages as their hostels were also shut.

Now theĀ colleges and universities have launched online classes but due to the unavailability of internet facility students in most parts of Chitral were unable to attend classes.

The students demanded that the government should arrange proper internet facility in their area so that they can join the online classes of their institutions.

similar issue is being faced by students in other areas of Chitral as well. A few days back, students in Yarkhun also held a similar rally but so far the government has not taken any tangible step to resolve the issue.

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