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‘Chamber of commerce being used to weaken PTI in Chitral’

DROSH: Chitral Chamber of Commerce and Industry is being used to weaken the ruling party in Chitral, said the local leaders of the PTI here.

Addressing a huge gathering in Naghar, PTI district president Sajjad Ahmed said resources and the platform of the chamber  were being openly used to weaken the PTI in the district. He criticized Sartaj Ahmed Khan, a PTI leader and president of the chamber, and said he had  his own agenda and was not loyal to the PTI.

He said in the past Sartaj Ahmed and his group did the same to PPP and now as PTI has gained popularity in Chitral this group was working to destabilize the PTI. He added that now the leadership of the PTI at the district level has been given to genuine and loyal workers o the party will get stronger.

Addressing the participants, Shahzada Fiasal Salahuddin, PTI General Secretary,  the new office-bearers would contact those who were annoyed because Imran Khan’s vision was the bonding force for us.

Irshad Mukarar, Drosh tehsil president of the PTI, said now the party is much popular among the people of Chitral, particularly Drosh, and today dozens of people, including youth, have joined the party which demonstrates the trust of the masses.

he also criticized the Chitral Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its involvement in politics. He alleged that the resource and platform of the chamber were being used against the PTI leadership, thus the chamber abets all the efforts to weaken PTI in Chitral.

He said the chamber received funds from the provincial government and other departments, including SMEDA, and got itself involved in political matters particularly against the ruling party which was not acceptable.

Notables among those who joined the PTI today included Haji Nasirudin, ex-VC nazim Drosh, and Iqbal Hussain, former VC Nazim Ashrait.

The gathering was hosted by Shahzada Faisal Salahuddin, elected general secretary PTI Lower Chitral. Jinah Lal, Haji Nasirudin, Izhar Dastagir and Pir Karam Elahi also spoke.

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