Wheat shortage hits Yarkhun as sale points run out of stock

YARKHUN: Sale points of the food department in Yarkhun valley have run out of wheat stock creating problems for the consumers.


An official of the food department told ChitralToday that the department would receive fresh supply at the end of July s right now the government had not even started buying wheat form growers in the province.

He said the sale points in Chitral had been replenished with wheat last year but in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic people purchased the commodity more than their need fearing a food crisis.

He said in the past old stock remained in the sale points even after the arrival of new supply but due to complaints from the consumers about spoiled wheat the sale points are provided wheat in accordance with the need of the area people.

A shopkeeper in a village of told ChitralToday that local crop of wheat would be ready for harvesting after about a week and the shortage of wheat in the government sale points would be an issue till the end of July.

He said wheat was even not available in most of the godowns and sale points of Lower Chitral. However, flour is available in Yarkhun which is selling at the rate of Rs2,000 per 40 kg bag.

But a consumer said people preferred wheat against flour as it not only cost them less but was also good in quality than the flour being sold locally.

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