Coronavirus spreading fast in Chitral


CHITRAL: The novel coronavirus is spreading fast across Chitral mainly due to carelessness by the local people regarding the precautions.

Though unlike during the initial days, the local admins are not releasing data of the patients, at least 13 patients tested positive in two union councils of Lotkoh on June 19, lab results of the patients available with ChitralToday showed.

Local people told ChitralToday that most of the fresh cases in Lotkoh were of those who worked in a private bank.

On May 19, the condition of quarantine for Chitralis returning from different cities was abolished. They are now just needed to observe quarantine at their homes.

But it has been observed that people returning from cities are not following the SOP and moving around in villages meeting people as a routine.

A volunteer in Yarkhun told ChitralToday that earlier quarantine centres had been set up in the area and volunteers and police were working jointly to keep people arriving from urban areas in their houses for two weeks.

Now neither there are any quarantine centre nir police is taking action or helping the volunteers to ensure the COVID-19 SOPs, he complained.

He said it was now the responsibility of the citizens to take the precautions seriously without waiting for the police or others to implement the SOPs.

Moreover, it has been observed that people have also started holding marriage ceremonies and gathering at funerals when someone dies without caring for the precautions.

Chitral reported the first coronavirus case on April 19 and so far one person has died of the disease inside Chitral.

Besides, two Chitrali retired bank officials passed away in Karachi, one Chitrali died in the USA, one in Saudi Arabia and one in Peshawar ftom the coronavirus.

The local admins recently enforced targeted (smart) lockdown in Booni, Reshun and Kuragh in Upper Chitral and Kalkat, part of Naghar and other localities in Lower Chitral after scores of cases were reported from these areas.

But even then, people in these locked down areas do not care about the precautions and moved from one house to another.

After receiving complaints, additional assistant commissioner Mulkhow and Torkhow Muazzam Khan Afridi along with other officials visited the areas and advised the residents to follow the precautions in order to contain the coronavirus.

Tracing of coronavirus patient’s contacts demanded

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