Ashpar glacier cracking; GLOF alert issued for Golen valley

PESHAWAR: A GLOF alert (glacial lake outburst flood) alert has been issued for the Golen valley of Lower Chitral by the regional office of Pakistan Meteorological Department in Peshawar.

The alert said temperature is expected to increase from Sunday and likely to remain high on Monday and Tuesday followed by rain on Wednesday in Golen valley.

Due to the high temperatures with the combined effect of rain, there is the risk of GLOF in the valley from Monday to Thursday, it added.

The local community has been advised to remain on alert and the authorities concerned are requested to take necessary precautionary measures.

Jam Ashpar glacier is cracking: PDMA

Separately, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) said its team visited the Jam Ashpar glacier in the Golen valley from June 17 to 18 and reported that three major and seven small lakes had formed in the glacier which were visible.

It said the glacier was breaking down and cracks were visible in the moraine which could be a sign of a major sub-glacial lake.

As the Met Office has predicted an increase in the temperature in the area, there is the possibility of a GLOF in the Golen valley, it added.

In July 2019, flash floods wrecked havoc in the Golen valley rendering thousands of people homeless and destroying public and private properties, including the road infrastructure.–Manzoor Ali

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