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Upper Chitral sees highest single-day jump in corona cases

BOONI: As many as 16 people tested positive for COVID-19 in a single day in Booni today, Dr Sardar Nawaz of THQ hospital Booni confirmed to ChitralToday.

He said three of these patients belong to Dir and the rest are from Upper Chitral and residents of Booni, Kuragh, Reshun and Mulkhow.

Seven of the total 16 patients are women, Dr Nawaz added. The patients have been shifted to the emergency response centre in Booni.

This is the largest single-day spike in confirmed coronavirus cases in Chitral where the first COVID-19 patient emerged on April 19.

So far, about 80 patients have tested positive in both the districts of Chitral and most of them have recovered with only one death in Lower Chitral.

With the emergence of coronavirus cases in Pakistan on Feb 26 this year and following the lockdown, a large number of Chitralis started returning to their homes. They were first kept in quarantine centres in lower and upper Chitral.

However, on May 17, the local administration decided to abolish the quarantining condition for returning Chitralis and asked them to observe precautions at their homes.


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