FIA approached to punish tourist for insulting Chitralis

CHITRAL: The Chitral police have approached the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) seeking legal action against a man from Lower Dir on the charge of using derogatory/insulting language against the people of Chitral on social media.

A letter signed by the district police officer (DPO) Lower Chitral and addressed to the FIA Hayatabad Peshawar states: “One tourist namely Waqar Haji Khel, resident of UC Bandagai, district Lower Dir, visited district Chitral during the current month.

“During his visit, he captured pictures of many local Kalashi girls on his mobile phone and subsequently shared them on his Facebook account with defamatory expression (in Pashtu language) against the people of Chitral.”

The translation of what he wrote in Pashto is as under: “The people of Chitral offer their daughters for bargains to the outsiders in exchange for money. Therefore, they can be bought easily and used like Samosa/pastry.”

The mentioned post is strongly being condemned by people of Chitral as being unfounded and disgraceful. It creates/communicates a wrong impression about Chitrali people, thereby causing a negative image of them in the country.

“It is therefore requested that legal action under the cyber crime act may be initiated against the person and he may be strictly penalized,” said the letter.

In 2018, a man from Peshawar was arrested after he uploaded a video harassing a group of Kalash women in Bumburate valley.


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  1. The man should not only be punished but be made to record a statement on same social media condemning his earlier statement as being untrue and apologizing to the Kalasha. In other case the Kalash should send a hired person to his hometown to teach the rascal a lesson.

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