Ibex hunter arrested and fined in Torkhow

BOONI: The wildlife department arrested a man on the charge of poaching an ibex in Torkhow, officials said.

In a report, the department said on a tip-off that a resident of Washich had killed the ibex in Zewar Gol and brought it to his house, warrant was obtained for searching the house from a local court.

After issuance of the search warrant, the officials reached the house of the poacher in Brozon locality of Washich along with the police led by SHO Qurban Ali.

During the search, the head of the ibex, aged about 13 years, along with 12 kg meat stored in a fridge were recovered and the ibex hunter was arrested.

The gun used in killing the wild goat by the ibex hunter was also recovered and seized. The wildlife department identified the illegal hunter as Iqrar Uddin. It said the poacher was also fined Rs130,000.


Man held after illegally hunting over 100 ibex

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