Cuts in petroleum prices yet to benefit commuters

CHITRAL: The recent twice cuts in petroleum prices have not provided any relief to the common people of Chitral due the failure of the district administration.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, prices of petroleum products saw a record slump in the international market.

Though the government did not cut the prices in accordance with the international rates, nevertheless it revised them downward for the months of May and June.

As a result, the price of petrol came down by Rs22 per litre from Rs96 to Rs74 and that of diesel by Rs27 from Rs107 to a out Rs80 on June 1, 2020.

When the coronavirus lockdown was announced and taxi drivers were allowed to operate only by picking a specific number of passengers they started charging the citizens double fare.

Now when the lockdown has been lifted and prices of POL products slashed, the cabbies are charging passengers almost the same fare and there is no one to check them.

It has been observed that the district administration issues fare lists and then considered itself absolved of the responsibility to implement them.

In Upper Chitral, the local administration said its officials were carrying out raids on public transporters and returning the extra money they charged the commuters. The transporters were also warned of legal action in case they failed to pass on the benefit of the POL prices cuts to the commuters.

But the prices of many of the daily-use items such as vegetables and fruits are selling at rates that were fixed before the reduction in petroleum prices though they should have been brought down.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni





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