‘Wear mask or face legal action’

BOONI: Mask wearing in pubic places is mandatory now. In this regard, the district administration of Upper Chitral on Wednesday carried out checking of local bazaar to ensure implementation of the government’s direction regarding wearing of masks in public places.

Additional Deputy Commissioner M. Irfanuddin, assistant commissioner Mastuj Riaz Khan and additional assistant commissioner Mastuj Moazzam Khan along with other officials during the checking warned traders, medical store owners, visitors to the bazaar, bus terminal staff, drivers and commuters to wear masks as a precautionary measure against the spread of the coronavirus.

They said the government has made it mandatory for everyone to wear a face mask in public places and its violation would not be tolerated.

The officials during the drive stopped people found without wearing masks and warned them of legal action in case they failed to follow the direction.

They also visited shops and bus terminals and asked the public to follow the government direction as it was for their own safety against the disease.

Upper Chitral district had reported 12 confirmed cases of Covid-19 since the first case emerged in the area on April 21. However, all the patients recovered from the disease and sent home.

With the easing out of the lockdown, the government has allowed business activities to resume but with some standard operating procedures (SOPs) to check the spread of the disease, and wearing a mask is one of them.–Javed Khan


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