PTI govt lambasted for water crisis in Chitral town

CHITRA: Local leaders of the PPP at a press conference on Wednesday lambasted the PTI government for its failure to restore the water supply line from Golen valley even after one year due to which the town area is facing water crisis.

They said during the provincial government of the ANP, millions of rupees were spent on the establishment of the Golen valley water supply line to Chitral town This project launched on the request of the PPP Chiral had resolved the water issue of Chiral.

They said the water supply line was damaged in the July 2019 floods in the Golen valley after which this incapable government of the PTI failed to repair the supply line of just about one kilometre leading to the water crisis in the town inhabited by over 80,000 people.

Those who spoke at the press conference included Fazle Rabbi Jan, Muhammad Hakim Advocate, Qazi Faisal, Sharif Hussain, Qazi Sjjad Advocate, Alamzeb Advocate and Anisuddin.

They also came down hard on Chitral’s MNA and MPA and said their priority was their own respective villages and they have failed to work as the elected representatives of the people of Chitral.

They said as the PTI government had done nothing for the public, its local leaders were trying to hoodwink the people by taking credit of projects initiated by previous governments.

They said the federalization of Chitral’s roads was initiated by the PPP government and later progress was made on it during the PML-N government.  Instead of making any progress, the PTI government put these and many other projects into the doldrums.

The PPP leaders on the occasion also demanded that the Shandur road should be opened without further delay to facilitate the public of Upper ChItral.

They also called upon the government to arrange a testing facility for the coronavirus patients in Chitral. The government should also pay the bills of hotel and restaurant owners that were used as quarantine centres for the COVID-19 patients, they added.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni




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