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Water crisis persists as damaged supply lines not restored

CHITRAL: While Chitral town residents are faced with a severe drinking water crisis since the destruction of the supply network due to the floods in Golen valley last year, the KP government still drags its feet on the rehabilitation of the supply lines.

The over 80,000 consumers of the town have now called upon the Chitral Task Force and the district administration to play their role in getting the project completed before the end of the summer season to overcome the water crisis.

The main water supply project for the town was established from Golen valley when Haider Khan Hoti was the chief minister.

The project costing Rs540 million was completed in the year 2012. However, the water supply system was washed away when Golen valley was devastated by floods on July 5, 2019.

During the flash floods, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sister Halima Khan was touring the scenic valley and got stranded as the road to the area was also washed away. However, a military helicopter reached the valley and evacuated her the next day.

But even after the passage of 11 months, the government has failed to initiate work on the rehabilitation project to supply the basic commodity of life to the dwellers of the town.

Locals said the water supply network could be restored in two months after start of the work but the government had been showing its callous attitude towards the resolution of the main public issue.

ChitralToday has learnt that for eight months after the destruction of the supply system the government did not approve funds for its rehabilitation. Then, the Public Health Engineering Department because of the bureaucratic red tape did not invite tenders and issue work order.

People of Chitral have expressed concern over the inordinate delay in the project and appealed to the district administration and the Chitral Task Force to play their role in getting the work started as without water in the summer there could be protests by the residents.

They warned that the government would be held responsible if there is any law and order issue over the water crisis in the town.–Bashir Hussain Azad



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