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7pc of 726 people tested for coronavirus found infected

BOONI: Seven percent of the 726 people tested for coronavirus after their return from different cities to Chitral were found infected with the virus. These 56 positive cases belonged to both Upper and Lower Chitral.

The percentage of positive cases in Chitral is comparatively lower against the national percentage of over 15.

This was stated by Mr Miraj Uddin, the regional head of the Aga Khan Health Service Pakistan (AKHSP).

Soon after the outbreak of the coronavirus in Pakistan, a large number of people belonging to Chitral started returning to their home areas from different cities.

They were first quarantined for two weeks, mostly in Lower Chitral, and samples of those having symptoms were sent to labs and tested for coronavirus.

The first coronavirus case in Lower Chitral was detected on April 19 while Upper Chitral reported the first case on April 21. 

Of the 56 cases, only 12 were reported from Upper Chitral. A few weeks ago, the district administration of Lower Chitral decided to stop quarantining people returning from different cities and issued an SOP for them to follow at their homes.

Though a large number of people tested positive in Lower Chitral soon after the first case, there has been no spike again, and except a few all the positive patients have recovered and sent home.

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