Who is Sherjahan Sahil?

Sherjahan Sahil belongs to Narkorate village of Garam Chashma. He went to Karachi in 2001 in pursuit of education and remained there till 2014 during which he obtained a master degree in political science from the Federal Urdu University.

In 2008, he established Chitral Students and Social Welfare Organization in Karachi and headed it as president till 2011. He used to arrange seminars on different topics and often invited the vice chancellor of the Urdu university and other education experts.
Every year, Sahil also arranged cultural programmes inviting artists and literary persons from Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan to promote the culture of Chitral in Karachi.
Later, he also worked at the Aga Khan University Hospital and helped poor Chitrali people coming to the hospital for treatment.
In 2014, he shifted to Peshawar along with his family where he also continued serving Chitral and set up a forum called ‘Chitral Encourage Forum’.–Bahram Ali Shah

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