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PTI leader alleges irregularities in formation of Zakat bodies

CHITRAL:  Irregularities have been committed in formation of Zakat committees across Chitral by newly-appointed district Zakat chairman Mohammad Qasim Khan, alleged Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leader and president of local chapter of Corona Relief Tiger Force Hayatur Rahman.

He demanded of the chief minister to take notice of the irregularities in formation of local committees.

In a press statement, he alleged that the district chairman handpicked members and chairmen of the 92 local committees in both Lower and Upper Chitral districts, clearly deviating from the rules.

He said no notification was issued by the district Zakat committee regarding the election of members of the  committees at the local level. He said the district chairman selected the workers of PTI as the committees’ members and chairmen.

Mr Rahman said disbursement of the funds was a sensitive issue and it should be separated from the party affairs to ensure transparency.

The PTI leader said the party’s image would tarnish if the politically-motivated district chairman was allowed to tinker with the well-defined system of the collection and distribution of the funds.

He also appealed to the provincial Zakat council to dissolve all the committees of Chitral and hold free, fair and transparent elections to elect their chairmen and members.



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