General lockdown is amendable

M. Ilyas Khwaja (Goldur Chitral)

Besides the general lockdown to prevent spread of the disease, it is also essential to care for the public and state to carry on its living affairs.

It is not essential that everyone knock at the door of the government or charity organisations for their share in alms only and that is the only solution of miseries.

There are people who want make their own living be even to hand to mouth nature.

Moreover, trade items of people worth trillions are left to decay in closed form for more than a month due to the general lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. Some items have already turned disposables.

Those having had daily earnings and account will take years for their losses recovered right for now. If the same state is preserved for another month, individual and capital loss will turn into a wreck.

Government proclaims enlistment of poor not to be starved in the situation but actually the sufferance is far beyond that and it will affect the nation for long to recover.

Need to make some disciplinary measures to avoid mob and gathering of even two persons and also let run the public and state machinery alongside in some industries otherwise, the loss will become unbearable for the poor folk and the poor nation.


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