‘Community’s role vital to protect forest in Chitral’

AYUN: Community’s role is vital in protection and conservation of forest in Chitral as the government alone cannot check illegal felling of trees.

This was stated by subdivisional forest officer Umar Quershi while speaking at a meeting held on the occasion of the establishment of a closure for Sinjiret forest here on Friday.

He said in order to minimize the impact of climate change the PTI government has introduced the billion tree tsunami and closure projects which were showing productive results.

The official said with a shortage of human resource it was not possible for the forest department to look after the forest areas stretching from Garam Chashma to Arandu. As a result, the closure system had been introduced to check illegal cutting of forest.

But wherever there was no system of closure, illegal cutting of forest still continued there.

Former nazim Rehmat Elahi said irrespective of the importance of the billion tree tsunami project, the protection of grown-up trees was also imperative.

Where grown up trees are felled, thousands of small plants growing beneath them are also destroyed, he pointed out. Therefore, protection of both newly-planted saplings as well as grown-up trees is equally important, he added.

Asif Raza stressed the need to appoint Nigahbans to stem the pressure on forest from local people who were using forest as grazing land for their cattle.

Forest Protection and Conservation Committee

A forest protection and conservation committee was also formed during the meeting which consists of the following:

Saedullah, president; Irfan Ali, Mujahid, vice presidents; Ziaur Rehman, secretary; Asif Rehman, treasurer.
Executive Committee: Rehman Elahi, Muhkam Uddin, Haji Zafar Ahmed, Fazlur Rehman, Mujibur Rehmand and Qari Fazal Ahmed.

Moreover, six Nigahbans were also bamed on the occasion.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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