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Four Chitralis test positive upon return from Dubai

BOONI: Four people from Torkhow tehsil have tested positive for coronavirus after reaching Peshawar from Dubai.

They are under treatment in Peshawar and are in stable condition, Dr Sardar Nawaz of THQ hospital Booni told ChitralToday.

They were quarantined in a hotel in Peshawar a few days ago and their test results came positive on Thursday, a source in Peshawar added.

They will be allowed to proceed to their homes in Chitral after recovering from the disease.

A large number of Pakistanis have returned from Gulf countries in special flights after the outbreak of the coronavirus.

People The two districts of Chitral have so far reported 40 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Out of these, eight were in Upper and 32 in Lower Chitral. Five of the total patients have recovered and sent home.

Thousands of people living outside Chitral have returned after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Feb this year. Chitral’s first positive case emerged on April 19. 

To quarantine the returning people, the district administration of Lower Chitral has set up 98 centres while in Upper Chitral most of the people were allowed to go home and self isolate.

The 98 quarantine centers in Lower Chitral have the capacity to accommodate 2,365 people, according to the DC office.

On May 7, as many as 1,482 people were on quarantine in the district while 2,291 were discharged after completion of the two-week quarantine.

Currently, there are 318 suspected patients in Lower Chitral.


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