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Construction in Kalash valleys banned to preserve local culture

CHITRAL: Modern construction in Kalash valleys of Bumburate, Rumbur and Birir, inhabited by the  Kalash tribe, has been banned on the request of the archaeology department to preserve the indigenous culture.

According to an order issued by Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral Naveed Ahmed dated May 6, 2020 (available with ChitralToday), all schemes carried out by the government under the Annual Development Programme (ADP) and emergency nature of work such as those related to flood, avalanche, landsliding or any other natural disaster shall be exempted from the ban.

The order banning construction in Kalash valleys shall come into force with immediate effect and remain in force for a period of two months.

It may be noted that a number of projects had in the past also launched to protect and conserve the unique culture and traditions of the Kalash community.

The ban has been imposed from time to time in the area. Last year, a doctor from Lahore filed a petition in Peshawar High Court after the district administration of Lower Chitral stopped work on the construction of hotel owned by him in the Kalash valley.

he contended that his in-laws had gifted him the land in the valley and after 80pc work was completed on the hotel the local administration stopped it.

But the court was informed by the archaeology department that modern structures cannot be built in the Kalash valley in order to preserve the indigenous structures.


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