Chitrali traders’ leader Sadiq Amin passes away

PESHAWAR: Chitrali traders’ leader in Peshawar and known social, political activist Sadiq Amin passed away on Wednesday.

Mr Amin, who was president of Chitrali bazaar Peshawar, was admitted to the Lady Reading Hospital after he developed symptoms of COVID-19 on Wednesday afternoon.

At the time of his death, it was not confirmed if he had contracted the corinavirus as his test result was awaited.

The body was kept at the mortuary of the hospital and released after the report came on Thursday showing he had contracted the virus.

Mr Amin remained active and worked for the welfare of the Chitrali traders in Peshawar.

The Chitrali traders’ leader Sadiq Amin also raised an active voice for the resolution of the issues of Chitral at different forums.

He was also vocal in highlighting the issues of Chitral when the Lowari tunnel was not constructed and could be seen leading protests and rallies asking the government to resolve the issue of communication in Chitral.

Hundreds of thousands of people come to Peshawar from Chitral in search of jobs and for education every year.Moreover, a large number of people belonging to Chitral are also engaged in different businesses in the provincial capital.

Mr Amin was always available to help the Chitralis in times of hardship and had a good connections in social and political circles of Peshawar.

His death is being considered as a big loss for the people of Chitral, especially those living in Peshawar.

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  1. He didn’t have Corona Virus, the reports were false. He died due to Cardiopulmonary Arrest. Stop spreading rumors.

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