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Traders in Chitral demand opening of markets

CHITRAL: Traders in Chitral town have called upon the government to allow opening of markets closed in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown for over a month ago.

During a meeting on Monday, the representatives of traders from different markets said they were ready to follow all precautions to ensure checking of the spread of the virus.

They  said due to the lockdown they were suffering huge financial losses and cannot afford keeping the markets closed further. They demanded that the markets should open from May 5.

The traders in Chitral pointed out that the government had already eased the lockdown in different cities but the lower Chitral administration was still not allowing opening of markets.

People were crowding outside banks while bazaars were open in Drosh, Timargara and Swat etc.  but due to failure of the traders union to take up the issue in Chitral town sellers of items such as garments, shoes, and vendors were at verge of starvation.

They said they had elected the president and cabinet members of the traders union to resolve issues of markets but they were hands in glove with the district administration in getting markets closed and shops sealed and impose fins on shopkeepers.

The speakers on the occasion announced to move a no-confidence against the traders union cabinet after Eidul Fitr.

Former union president Habib Hussain Mughal said if the administration did not open the market from May 5, a protest would be launched by the traders.

Later, a delegation of traders met the deputy commissioner but sources said a decision about opening of markets could not be taken.

It may be noted that the cases of confirmed COVID-19 have been on the rise in Lower Chitrl since the first patient was reported on April 19. There are at present 28 cases and four of them have recovered. in the district–Bashir Hussain Azad



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