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Crowding outside banks in Booni goes unnoticed

BOONI: Crowding outside banks in Booni on Monday went unnoticed in Booni. A huge rush of people, mostly pensioners and government employees, was seen outside the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) branch to draw salaries or deposit utility bills in complete disregard to the coronavirus precautions.

On the other hand, the district administration Upper Chitral and police were nowhere to be seen to implement the lockdown as the local bazaar also saw crowding.

Though the locals people had their own stories to tell regarding precautions in public places such as banks, the bank managements did not follow the SOPs to ensure distancing when there are crowding outside banks, especially in the first week of every month.

But residents of Brep and some villages in Yarkhun told ChitralToday that police were misusing their power to enforce the lockdown and imposing heavy fines on shopkeepers for opening shops even 10 to 15 minutes beyond the closing hours of 4pm.

They said some shops were also sealed and cases registered against the owners.

They asked the district administration not to harass small shopkeepers in villages who were badly affected by the lockdown and selling essential foods items while following all precautions.

Residents in Booni go on voluntary lockdown

When there is no rush of people and the shopkeeper is following the precautions such as wearing gloves and ensuring distancing, what is the problem with the police, asked one resident.

In Booni, people rush to banks in the first week of every month to draw salaries and pension and submit utility bills.

But the bank managements seemed unable to take safety measures against the spread of the coronavirus.–Javed Khan



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