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Feelings of EOBI pensioners

By Farman Ajab
The pensioners of EOBI include those who have retired from private sector. Nobody can deny the fact that any person attaining the age of 60 undergoes numerous changes in terms of physical as well as behavioural adjustment in society.
Likewise, they feel weakness in their body and are unable to do any activity or work actively. They feel tired quickly. They feel snags physically as well as mentally. They lose tolerance in each aspect of life. In these circumstances, they need special attention and support from their family members, community and also from stakeholders.
Being Muslim and civilized Pakistani, it is our foremost duty to facilitate our elders and serve them. By the grace of God everyone in our home and outside tries their best to fulfill this noble mission. The role of our youth in this regard is also appreciable.
It has been observed that in public places youth always facilitate senior citizens and pay respect to them in each and every way of life i.e in public buses youth vacate their seats for senior citizens and continue journey by standing till arrival at their destinations.
Our government also provides full support to the senior citizens irrespective of their race, colour, religion, creed and language. In connection with this, special desks have been set for senior citizens in each and every government office and their work is being done on a priority basis.
In the same spirit, monthly pension is also a unique kind of support from the government to its people which makes Pakistan prominent from other countries.
In Pakistan, there are two types of pensions given by the government. First is the pension that the government gives to all its employees whom rendered their services in government sector. The amount of this pension is determined on the basis of the length of service and last basic pay.
Secondly, on behalf of the government a monthly pension is paid by Employees Old-Age Benefit Institution (EOBI) pensioners who rendered their service in the private sector. The amount of this pension is fixed. Recently, the government increased the  pension by Rs2,500 for EBOI pensioners.
Now, they are getting at a minimum of Rs8,500 per month. For this, we all EOBI pensioners are very thankful to the government headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan. We also pay gratitude to the president of Pakistan for remembering the EOBI pensioners.
It will be injustice if we do not mention the efforts of Zulfi Bukhari, who has done a great job for us. Each and everyone connected to this remarkable task deserves our appreciation. We pray may Allah bless them, good health, long life and happiness.
With this we hope that the present government will increase this stipend up to Rs15,000 per month during its tenure. We are looking hopefully for positive response from the government side in the upcoming budget, which is to be presented in June, 2020.
In young age, every one earns more money but this earning could not be remained in long run, it is only pension which remains with a person till his or her death. So in our country pensionable jobs are preferred rather than others. To me monthly salary is like a disloyal friend available only for few days but monthly pension is not ending friendship remain still last day of life.
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