Upper Chitral admin accused of violating corona SOPs

CHITRAL: Upper Chitral admin was criticized for its non-serious attitude towards the spread of coronavirus by activists of different political parties and civil society organisations.

They urged the chief minister to take notice of the violations of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) on the disease in the area.

At a meeting, chaired by MPA Molana Hedayatur Rahman, and attended by Molana Fatehul Bari, Molvi Javed Hussain, Hameed Jalal and others, the participants alleged that the Upper Chitral admin had been ignoring the standard operating procedures (SOPs) as approved by the provincial government for checking spread of coronavirus.

They claimed that passengers coming from other parts of the country were being allowed to go to their native areas after entering their names at the quarantine centres though they should be kept in quarantine for 14 days. They said such persons had been the main reason for spread of the virus.

The activists said a couple of days ago one resident each of Terich and Charun villages were registered in the quarantine centres of Booni but they were present in their respective villages. They said both tested positive when the villagers complained about their presence in the native towns.




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