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First coronavirus case emerges in Upper Chitral

BOONI: First coronavirus case (COVID-19) was reported in Upper Chitral district today (April 21).

Additional Deputy Commissioner M. Irfanuddin confirmed to ChitralToday that Sher Gulab, 43, son of Wazir, a resident of Balim in Laspur valley, tested positive for the virus.

He was at the quarantine centre at Govt Degree College Booni after returning from Gilgit-Baltistan via Lower Chitral.

After confirmation of the virus, the patient has been shifted to the isolation ward of the Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital Booni, he said.

Sources told ChitralToday that laboratory results of two more suspected patients in Upper Chitral were awaited from Peshawar.

This is the first coronavirus case in Upper Chitral while four patients tested positive in Lower Chitral within the last two days. The first case in Lower Chitral was reported on April 19.

It may be noted that a youth passed away after reaching home in Lashkar Gaz Yarkhun from the quarantine centre in Booni. But it is still not known what was the actual cause of his death.

Local people told ChitralToday that he complained of stomach pain and suffered nasal bleeding and died at his home. A team of doctors reportedly was sent to the area to ascertain the causes of the death. The area is located about 100 km from the last basic health unit  (BHU) located in Brep of Upper Chitral.–Siraj Uddin

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  1. Nadir Khan says

    the administration should clarify what facilities are being provided to patients after they are confirmed and shifted to so called isolation wards. It is distressing to note that one patient has sent out a SOS call from the isolation room at DHQ Hospital Chitral. He alleged that after he was tested positive, he was locked in a room and then no one came back to see him. This is frightening and if this continued no one will report to hospital or anyone else and will prefer to comfortably sleep in their home bcoz what is the use of the hospital.

  2. Javaid Awi says

    He is from Balim as per my information.

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