All three quarantine centres in Mastuj town are still closed


MASTUJ: The local administration has so far kept all the three quarantine centres in Mastuj town vacant without keeping anyone returning from different cities there as a precautionary measure against the spread of COVID-19, sources told ChitralToday.

They said the PTDC motel, Govt high school and the rural health centre (RHC) Mastuj were designated as quarantine centres for people returning from different cities. But so far no one has been quarantined in these centres.

Th sources told ChitralToday that people in Mastuj and other villages were highly concerned after seeing a number of people roaming around without following the precautions or remaining in self-isolation.

They said scores of people had already returned from different cities and more were expected to arrive.

After crossing Lowari tunnel, they were directed by the administration of Lower Chitral to directly go to their areas. When they reach Booni, the returnees are being told to proceed to the quarantine centres in Mastuj.

But there are no arrangements in the three centres and none of these is open so the returnees reach their homes, they said.

They expressed the fear that these people coming from Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and other cities might be carriers of the coronavirus and could spread it further.

The locals said police officials kept on visiting the villages only asking people returning from cities to remain in self-isolation and adopt other precautions.

When asked why these people were not being kept in quarantine, a police official on condition of anonymity said it was the responsibility of the district administration to make arrangements in the quarantine centres.

The local people called upon the deputy commissioner and other authorities of Upper Chitral to ensure that all people coming from outside Chitral are kept in quarantine for two weeks.

So far, one positive case has emerged in Upper Chitral and four cases have been reported from Lower Chitral.

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