Is politics in Pakistan a gentleman’s game?

By Sikandar Shah

Is politics in Pakistan a gentleman’s game? Politics can be defined as the art to operate the affairs of the state. It is stated and argued that politics is a gentleman’s game; it is beyond doubt. When we turn over the pages of Islamic history it becomes plain as pikestaff that Islam teaches us remarkable lesson of politics. There are a lot of Quranic verses in various chapters regarding politics, and political philosophy is crystal clear in the holy Quran.

This is not to deny that holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a great politician and taught the tactics of politics to his companions. By acting upon those canons the companions of the holy prophet (SAW) ruled over the whole planet. It is questionable that why they got the upper hand among others?

Quran and the traditions of the prophet give the answer to this question that they were perfect Muslims and practical examples of the verses of the holy Quran.

As regards Pakistan and Pakistanis to define politics it isn’t in any thesaurus of the world. When we compare this definition with that of Quran we do not find any similarity, both are as different as chalk and cheese. When we turn on the idiot box, we see inexpressible happenings from dawn to dusk. Pakistani politics has some salient features such as muscle-flexing, defaming, taunting, upbraiding, lying, corruption, tax evasion, dishonesty etc.

When we ask every rank and file gossiping everywhere, they say politics in Pakistan means dishonesty and telling a lie, is it really so??? Absolutely not, it is Pakistani concept regarding politics. Politics is sacred and noble profession we should avoid these flapdoodles and bullshits regarding politics. The reason to taunt politics or to misuse it means that we do not have comprehension of the essence of politics and it is not quite proper to say something awkward about it because it has been the profession of the prophet (SAW) and his great companions.

If we take the rest of the world, in particular western nations, they are stable and politically strong, they are leading the world economically, and the weal and woe of the country depends upon their political stability. The reason for this progress is that they have adopted all those best qualities. There is peace and tranquility, there is equality and justice for all, there is true picture of democracy.

The politicians are well-accounted with the cardinal virtues but in Pakistan, it is totally a reversed situation. In those countries people come forward to serve masses but in Pakistan people come forward to extort money and make bank balances.

In actual fact the West doesn’t have proper commandments, principles and teachings regarding politics but they churn out the persons of great qualities; on the contrary we have great and outstanding principles, instructions and complete code of life but we have not been able to produce leaders. In spite of having unique culture and civilization; we are victim of xenocentrism.

We do not have priority and respect for our values, norms and belief, it is point to ponder. In Pakistan decisions are taken on the basis of nepotism, cronyism and favoritism etc and we have lost our identity.

We use to be respected and honorable in the eye of international community and now we are contempted and overlooked. What is the reason for this insolence, the answer is clear that we have given up the teachings of the holy Quran and the great prophet (SAW). We are detracted and deflected from the righteous path of the prophet and his luminous stars. Our leaders have charming slogans of peace, equality and justice but it is just a mantra nothing more. Political stability plays a pivotal role in the progress of any nation.

Boost up economy, fair-play, equality etc are possible through  strong political system, free from nepotism, corruption, and other evils. It is an obligation and foremost responsibility of all Pakistanis to avoid morbid humors and adopt cardinal virtues to be real Muslim and Pakistani.

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