KP director public health tests positive for corona

PESHAWAR: KP director public health Dr Ikramullah Khan has tested positive for Covid-19, the province’s minister for finance and health, Taimur Khan Jhagra, revealed on Monday.

“Today, one of our most committed public health professionals, KP director public health, Dr. Ikramullah, Director Public Health KP has tested positive for Corona virus. I just talked to him. He is in high spirits, feeling good, and isolated at his home.”

Jhagra said Dr Ikramullah “is in high spirits, feeling good, and is isolated at his home”.

The minister paid tribute to Dr Ikramullah, thanking him for his service and calling him an asset everyone was proud of. He also lauded the efforts of “thousands of other frontline workers” fighting the novel coronavirus in the province.

As Jhagra wished full recovery to Dr Ikramullah, he reminded the nation of the sacrifices frontline medics were making in the country’s fight against the pandemic.

“Dr Ikram had to take the risk of attending a workplace so others are safe. Many of us do, and accept the risk, above all thousands of front line workers,” Jhagra tweeted.

While the provincial minister acknowledged that the next few months will be challenging on several fronts, he vowed to fight and beat the virus with “resolve, discipline” and unity.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s focal point on coronavirus Zain Raza also wished Dr Ikramullah “speedy recovery and health”, acknowledging his role as being on the frontline of the province’s coronavirus response team.



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