CM urged to appoint doctor at BHU Oveer

CHITRAL: Residents of Oveer valley of Upper Chitral have called upon the chief minister of KP to order appointment of a doctor for the Basic Health Unit (BHU) in Shangush village of their area.

Posting of medical officers.

The demand came after 83 of the 1,300 doctors appointed by the provincial government to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak were sent to Chitral a few day ago.

In a statement, Terich Area Development organization (TADO) Chairman and former member of the district council Islam Akber Uddin Advocate and other residents said the BHU Oveer has been without a doctor for six years.

They said over 18,000 people living in the remote area have no access to medical care as due to poverty they cannot go to Chitral town or other cities for treatment.

Not posting any of the 83 freshly appointed medical officers to the remote valley of Oveer has disappointed the locals.

They called upon the chief minister to have petty on the people of the remote area and appoint a doctor at the BHU.

There are 21 BHUs in both the districts of Chitral with two sanctioned posts of medical officers in each lying vacant for the last three to four years.

In the recent postings, more than 12 BHUs did not get any doctor, said an official.

Earlier, the DHQ hospital Chitral was also facing an acute shortage of doctors with most of the specialist doctors’ posts remaining vacant.–Bashir Hussain Azad

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