Suspected coronavirus patient admitted to hospital

BOONI: A suspected coronavirus patient has been admitted to the Tehshil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital Booni, sources in the hospital told ChitralToday on Thursday.

The 20-year-old patient belongs to Awi village and had returned from Punjab about 10 days back.

The sources said upon his return, he was kept at the quarantine centre in Booni but his father took him away giving an undertaking that he would be self-isolated at home.

After about a week, the young man had high grade fever and flu. The suspected coronavirus patient was then shifted to the THQ hospital in Booni where he has been kept in isolation.

The sources said samples of the patient have been sent to Peshawar for confirmation if the patient is infected by the coronavirus or not

Both Lower and Upper Chitral districts have no COVID-19 testing facility.

Earlier, three patients were shifted to Peshawar for cirona test but they tested negative for the virus.

Now instead of the suspected patients their samples are sent to Peshawar.

Though Chitral is free of coronavirus so far, a huge number of people have returned from different parts of the country where the coronavirus has spread.

Most of the people are said to have left the quarantine centres in both Lower and Upper Chitral without completing the two weeks quarantine.

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