Power crisis-hit residents warn to break corona restrictions

BOONI: People of Upper Chitral will break all restrictions and launch protests if power crisis in their area was not resolved by April 13.

At a meeting held at Mukhtar House here, leaders of Tehreek-e-Huqooq criticized power utility companies for prolonging the electricity crisis in Upper Chitral.

They said even in April the production of power at Golen Gol did not approve and the 108 MW was still generating about seven megawatts.

They said the people of Upper Chitral remained without power in the winter and now their sufferings have compounded during the coronavirus lockdown.

Because of the closures of schools, children are unable to continue their studies due to absence of electricity and cannot take online classes.

Moreover, the residents remained indoors without knowing anything about the coronavirus situation outside.

The leaders regretted that the power utility officials prolonged the electricity crisis in Upper Chitral citing different excuses.

They warned that if sufficient power was not supplied to Upper Chitral by April 13, the local people would take to the streets breaking all the restrictions and the authorities would be responsible for the situation.

Power crisis in Upper Chitral could not be resolved after the destruction of the Reshun powerhouse in July 2015 floods.

The KP government neither reconstructed the powerhouse nor manage to supply electricity from the new Golen Gol plant.

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