Roof of house blown off in windstorm

BREP: The roof of a house in Istach village near Brep was blown off during a windstorm on Tuesday night.

The house belonged to Syed Karim Shah, son of Ismail Shah, sources told ChitralToday. The family members remained unhurt as they escaped to safety.

The sources in Istach told ChitralToday that the roof of house including tin sheets and ceilings of the five-room new house was blown off by the winds, leaving the family of Mr Shah under the open sky.

It may be noted that during the recent years, frequent fire incidents and floods have damaged houses across Chitral.

Most of the fire incidents occurred due to the use of substandard electric wires and lack of safety measures.

A visit by ChitralToday correspondent to the house showed that the inmates were now living in a tent installed along the wall of the house.  Local people said the government and charity organizations should provide assistance to the affected family.

They said the owner of the house had constructed it recently and was yet to made final touches to all the rooms when its roof was blown off by the winds.

They said now the family,including children and women, had no shelter and needed help.


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