Retired senior Chitrali banker died of coronavirus

DROSH: A retired senior Chitrali banker from Drosh died of coronavirus in Karachi two days ago, his family sources in Katardam locality here told ChitralToday.

Mir Zahiruddin lived in Karachi along with his family and had retired from a senior post of the State Bank of Pakistan over a year ago.

He used to visit his hometown in the summer every year along with his family.

After the retired senior Chitrali banker died of coronavirus, his family members were quarantined in their Karachi home.

Law enforcement agencies have sealed the area surrounding the house, they added.

The body of the deceased Chitrali banker was buried in a graveyard in Karachi under tight security.

It is the first case in which a native of Chitral has died of the  coronavirus pandemic. So far, there is no confirmed case of coronavirus in Chitral. Three suspected patients referred to Peshawar tested negative for the virus recently.

So far, there is no confirmed corona patient in Chitral. Four suspected patients have tested negative for the virus.

It is heartening that people of Chitral are following the precautions and even forcing those returning from major cities to remain in self-isolation.

Most of the returnees are being kept at quarantine centres set up by the local administration in government buildings.

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