Passenger van was coming from Ashiret, says DC

CHITRAL: The passenger van (flying coach) that met with an accident at Saeedabad on Saturday morning carrying 18 people was coming from Ashiret, not Peshawar, said Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral Naveed Ahmed.

Clarifying a news published in ChitralToday, he said people were still returning to Chitral in private vehicles or through other means of transport. Most of them after reaching the Lowari tunnel crossed it on foot.

On Friday, a large number of people crossed the tunnel and the local administration arranged the passenger van for those belonging to Upper Chitral from Ashiret to Chitral which met with the accident at Saeedabad.

People from Upper Chitral are directly sent to their area where they are kept at quarantine centres.

He said the tunnel has not been sealed but public transport was not allowed entry in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus in Chitral.

He said people of Chitral living outside should avoid returning to their villages, adding those coming back would be kept on quarantine. The DC said so far 346 people have been shifted to 30 quarantine centres for two weeks in the district.

However, the DC did not deny the fact that all the 18 people on board the van were coming from Peshawar and he also failed to clarify why they were being sent out to Upper Chitral without being shifted to a quarantine centre.

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  1. You say that the passenger van was coming to Chitral from Ashiret, not Peshawar. But you also say the passengers were coming from Peshawar. You make my day. Coronavirus is dangerous for human beings not vehicles. You should have kept the 18 people in quarantine or shift them to upper chitral separately. You have violated the precautions of the government here taking advantage of the night. Please don’t make joke, try to be serious as it is a pandemic.

  2. Before shifting people to quarantine centres our doctors should explain the protocols and SOPs of this process with people.It is responsibility of the administration. In the name of quarantine people are mingling each other.At taftan border the protocols of quarantine were neglected. According to fed Government about 80% of the cases were imported from iran as a result the whole nation is paying its price. There should be proper screening process at the tunnel site.i don’t know about the availability of thermal guns???and most importantly protocols of quarantine should be following otherwise we are importing and spreading virus in Chitral.

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