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Positive side of COVID-19

By Aamer Zeb Sultan

In the present time, everyone is immersed in discussion about COVID-19. It is believed that the disease is highly contagious but at the same time its mortality rate is very low. Regardless of the mortality rate, the fear factor among the people is alarming and it has conquered almost all the minds of the world, forcing them to think about the disease all the time.

It is a bitter fact and can’t be neglected but there is no point to feel sick if you are also entrapped in the thoughts of COVID-19; rather transform your thinking into positivity, which will definitely make you feel good.

At this point, most of you will ask me, “How?” or “It is not possible to positively think about this disease” but let me tell you there is a bright side of everything but most of us focuses the dark one which only aids to our anxiety.

Today, I decided to fetch the positive side of COVID-19 and here is what I found!

Before starting, I want you to ask a question from yourself! What we have given to the Earth, in return of its endless blessings? We have done no more than hurting our Motherland by polluting it and ignoring its cries but today COVID-19 took the charge to save the Earth. In a brief period of time, it increased the average number of “good quality air days” by 21.5pc compared to the same period last year.

It decreased the fine particle pollutant PM2.5 by 32pc while the larger particle pollutant PM10 fell by up to 29pc and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) reduced by up to 22pc. This disease taught the people to reduce emissions of CO2 by making them breathless, as they use to ignore the pain of our mother Earth after feeding it with the poisonous gases. Thankfully, COVID-19 has greatly recovered our mother Earth from the serious disease called as “pollution”.

Here I ask you a question. “Are you still listening to the child you once were?” I am certain that the answer is no, because in the modern life we are so busy with gadgets that we have forgotten our inner child, and have kept him in the prisons of loneliness.

When COVID-19 heard about this brutalism it instantly decided to help the inner child out of this disgraceful situation. For this COVID-19 captivated all human beings in their homes and forced us to know the pain of solitude. This formula proved to be such effective that everyone began to recall the famous quote of Paulo Coelho: “We have to listen to the child we once were, the child who still exists inside us. That child understands magic moments. We can stifle its cries, but we cannot silence its voice. That child we once were is still there”.

Now most of the people are holding the hand of the child that lives in their souls and have overcome the fear of COVID-19 because now they knew that nothing is impossible for this child.

If we move further, COVID-19 has blessed us with the moral and ethical value which all of us lacked. Till now we used to have a weird mindset of ignoring the sufferings of others which led to the expulsion of us from the margins of humanity who are known for their generosity and care. When we completely forget the pages of piety then COVID-19 took the charge to retaught all those lessons, starting with the fact that the humans are interconnected. For the purpose of elucidation,it showed us, how one person can infect other with COVID-19. Now we have relearned many of the topics and all is due to struggles of COVID-19.

Today I believe that COVID-19 is not a pandemic but a cure for our ignorance. Our ignorance towards the mother Earth; our ignorance towards the animals and our ignorance towards other people. When most of the people of the World ignored the laws of nature and the others didn’t dare to stop them; at that critical moment COVID-19 took the lead courageously declaring that: “If I remained silent and you remained silent, then who will teach the ignorant?”

My friends, if we have also been ignorant then it is not the time to regret them, but to correct them!

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  1. Afzal Wali Badakhsh says

    “Are you still listening to the child you once were?” I am certain that the answer is no, because in the modern life we are so busy with gadgets that we have forgotten our inner child, and have kept him in the prisons of loneliness.
    very well written…hats off

  2. Shafiq Ur Rehman says

    Very comprehensive, argementative and articulated arricle which highlights the positive side of COVID-19. Great! Keep it up. We should be optimistic and help other people who are needy in this critical situation.

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