Returnees roaming around in Yarkhun villages

BREP: As the coronavirus lockdown has been extended till April 14, Chitralis living in different cities continued returning to their villages.

But there seems to be total lack of a system to keep an eye on them or make them realise to ensure self-isolation and social distancing.

Moreover, due to lack of facilities and safety measures, these returnees are also not ready to stay at the so-called quarantine centres set up in government schools in Yarkhun.

A few days ago, over 50 people who had returned home from cities protested at Govt High School Brep after they were directed to stay at the quarantine centre for 14 days.

They were of the view that they had already spent more than two days in their houses and it was useless to come to the centre now.

They also said scores of other people who had also reached home from cities were not called to the quarantine centre.

The next day, the deputy commissioner of Upper Chitral along with the district police officer visited the area and stressed the need for keeping the returnees at the quarantine centres in Brep as well as Bang for two weeks.

However, ChitralToday has learnt that all the returnees have now left the school in Brep citing lack of facilities.

Meanwhile, sources said a complaint was lodged with police as well as the Aga Khan local council Brep by residents of a nearby village that people returning from cities were roaming in the area without any check and the residents felt at risk of coronavirus.

Police and Aga Khan council representatives visited the village and warned all those who have recently come back from cities to remain on self-isolation otherwise they would be taken to the quarantine centre.

The sources said the district administration and police were not taking serious measures to keep the returnees on quarantine while the Aga Khan local council had neither the powers nor resources to keep an eye on all those returning from major cities.




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