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Over 50 returnees protest at quarantine centre in Brep

BREP: As many as 55 people, who had returned from different cities of Pakistan, protested for taking them to the quarantine centre after more than two days and in some cases after a week.

They also criticized the lack of facilities at the centre and refused to take food arranged by volunteers under the Aga Khan Local Council till late in the night.

They told ChitralToday that some of them had reached homes on march 26 and 27 and some even before that. After spending that much time at home it was useless to call a person to the quarantine centre.

Moreover, they added, not all those who had recently returned were taken to the quarantine centre. We demand that if all those returning home are to be quarantined, it should apply on all.

“Either we should be sent home or all those who have recently returned from cities should also be quarantined,” they added.

“God forbid if anyone of us is infected with the virus, he would have already transmitted it to their family members and there is no use of calling us here to be crammed into rooms,” they said at the quarantine centre set up at Govt High School Brep.

Sources in the Aga Khan Council told ChitralToday that they had arranged food and bedding for the returnees on the request of the local administration and it was not the mandate of the council to call anyone to the quarantine centre and send them home.

They said as the situation was evolving, the local administration had requested the Aga Khan Council to help in accommodating the returnees till the government put in place proper arrangements.

When this report was filed at 9:30pm on Sunday, about six police officials led by the SHO of Mastuj were guarding the quarantine centre and the inmates had started taking food.

Moreover, 47 people are quarantined at the Govt Higher Secondary School Bang and seven at Dewser.

A resident of Meragram No 2 in Yarkhun, who returned from Islamabad last week, told ChitralToday that he was kept at Govt Degree College near Booni and later sent home with the instruction to live in quarantine at home.

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