A good Samaritan in Chitral

Dear Editor

Nowadays I am staying in Denin, Chitral. Just an hour back (9:55pm) I came to know that one of the important medicines of my mother had finished and I had to go to Hospital Road to fetch the medicine.

As I don’t have my own car and had only one option: to go on foot. The nearest medical store is located at a distance of about four km from my place.

Then one of my brothers told me to call Korumghar. I called it and within 40 minutes I had a call back, asking me to come out of my house.  When I stepped out, a car was on the gate and a gentleman came out of it and handed me the medicine.

He told me that as the delivery service was free I had to pay only for the medicine. I insisted to pay him the delivery charge but the gentleman refused saying it was free during the Covid-19 pandemic.

When we hear about hoarding and overcharging in the time of the pandemic, there are also people who want to serve humanity and this company in Chitral stands out to be among the good Samaritans.


Javeed Farooqi



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