Volunteers asked to launch corona awareness drives

CHITRAL: When the whole world is fighting the coronavirus, it is time for volunteers to play their role in creating public awareness on how citizens could protect themselves from the disease.

A little carelessness or negligence can not only threatens an individual’s life but can also lead to a crisis that the nation cannot afford to tackle because of its ill-equipped to deal with a mass medical emergency, a health official told ChitralToday.

Meanwhile, Chief Warden Civil Defence Chitral Farooq Iqbal on Sunday appealed to all volunteers in Chitral to remain in their areas and launch awareness drives against coronavirus.

He said the volunteers should also remain in contact with religious figures in their areas to make the drive a success.

The official said through collective efforts and by following government directives we can check the spread of the virus and save the nation from a big disaster.

He was of the view that each and every citizen should play their part by ensuring social distancing, maintaining cleanliness and avoiding unnecessary outing and meeting people.–Bashir Hussain Azad

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