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Entry of public transport banned for one month

CHITRAL: The authorities have restricted the entry of public transport to Chitral region through Lowari tunnel and Shandur Pass for one month to check the spread of coronavirus.

The borders of Arandu, Arsoon and Shah Sadim areas were also closed.

Deputy commissioner of Lower Chitral Naveed Ahmad said 60 vehicles carrying 241 passengers were sent back from Lowari tunnel, while 180 people travelling in 22 vehicles were denied entry to the district through the tunnel on Wednesday.

He said all passenger vehicles were barred from entering Chitral for one month and only vehicles loaded with food items and medicines would be allowed to enter the region.

The deputy commissioner said six local residents had been quarantined for 14 days in Ashrait, the district’s first village after the tunnel ended.

He said all possible efforts were being taken to discourage the people from leaving homes and gathering in bazaars and other places of community gathering to check the spread of the deadly virus.

Mr Ahmad said public transport service had been suspended inside the district for a month to restrict the movement of the people.

Meanwhile, deputy commissioner of Upper Chitral district Shah Saud said anti-coronavirus measures taken in Lower Chitral district were being replicated in Upper Chitral, where Shandur Pass was being sealed for the entry of passengers from Gilgit-Baltistan, who crossed it on feet for five hours.–Zahiruddin



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  1. Al Arslan Khwaja says

    Thousands of people cross Lawari on daily basis for their livings. Chitral is locked down. Poor students and businessmen are stuck with no room to stay.
    Restrict visitors and not bother locals.

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