Solarization of Chitral’s oldest school inaugurated

CHITRAL: The Sarhad Rural Support Programme inaugurated a project for the solarization of Chitral’s first school established in 1920.

Deputy commissioner Naveed Ahmad unveiled the plaque during a special ceremony, where first secretaries of the German Embassy in Islamabad Merion Pfennigs and Lorenz Strittmatter were in attendance.

Germany has provided financial assistance for the project under its Pakistan Afghanistan-Tajikistan Regional Integration Programme (Patrip) Foundation.

SRSP chief executive officer Shahzada Masoodul Mulk said the initiative would ensure uninterrupted electric supply to the school to the relief of the students.

He said with the help of Patrip Foundation, his organisation had carried out development activities in the marginalised southern areas of Arandu, Damel and Arsoon.

Mr Mulk said a 56 kilometers road had been built in the region connecting the inaccessible sub-valleys with each other for the first time.

He said his organisation had successfully executed a number of livelihood projects in those areas to the relief of the residents hit by extreme poverty. He said Germany had also provided funds for the establishment of a football ground on the historical school.–Zahiruddin

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