You are my princes

We are five brothers and I come from a place Where Women have to take care of Most of the home chores.. Apart from working in kitchen and taking care of most of the home chores , Women also help men with farming.

Fortunately growing Up in Pakistan, We were always surrounded with our cousin sisters/Aunts.. My mom Always Had help. From Ironing our clothes to bringing us A glass of water in hand when we were thirsty.. Yes We were spoiled.. and I’m very sure I’m not the only one , it’s the same story in many of chitrali households

Women day

till date, I know the fact that if I’m in Pakistan My sisters/aunts will not let me do anything .. Regardless of what I tell them… and Again its the same Story in every other Chitrali Households..

My Chitrali brothers , I Know Our Sisters and mother’s have spoiled Us and they will keep on doing that..

But if You are not married , When You get married please share all the responsibilities with Your wife and Also help her in Home chores.

And if You are married already Please take some time out for her , And ask her if she needs help with anything… And No they don’t want Your money,

They want Your support.

Remember if You set An example Today ,tomorrow if Your sister or daughter gets married They will have all the support in return.


Ali Salman Raza from Brep

(Houston, USA).

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  1. Khawaja sahib, tandoori chapotiyo (chapati) tan maza sher. To be more precise, tandorri chapoti ganakan te zan mureed reik, is a bit unfair…chill out man 🙂 By the way the Chitrali girls who participated in last year’s Aurat March were not seen this year. They must have gotten married by now and might be busy in cooking, doing laundry, dishes, ironing, etc for their hubbies:) By the way, boko pacheru shapik, boko istri kardu zap, shoes polish by the wifie, ka jo maza he na…ufff na puch, simply out of this world.

  2. (My Chitrali brothers , I Know Our Sisters and mother’s have spoiled Us and they will keep on doing that..)
    O, great.. doing what? housekeeping? pity to trying get rid of housekeeping.
    We see in Chitral, men while off their work in evening taking Tanoori breads from market with them while going home because their women are brave to secure their right not to keep their house properly. Then there are the bravest women also whose husbands can be seen returning from work with tanoori breads in arm pits as well as holding some nature of half fried lentils or soup in a shopper. Their women are there, scaling villages and discussing television dramas.
    The real women are those who keep kettle, grow vegetables and cook best chapotees.
    If you are not blessed by God to do as them, please at least not persuade them to refrain from their keen obligation.

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