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‘Unlike other areas, women in Chitral face no major issues’

CHITRAL: Like other parts of the country, the International Women Day was observed in Chitral with holding of gatherings in which speakers highlighted the role of Chitrali women and issues faced by them.

One such event was held in Chitral town and another in Booni in Upper Chitral.

Speaking at the event in Chitral town, Dilshad Pari, the first woman inspector of police from Chitral, said Chitrali women and girls were not faced with issues that were confronted by their counterparts in other parts of the country.

She said no society could resolve 100 per cent problems of any segment. She said parents in Chitral even took extra care of their daughters that was also leaving some negative impacts on the daughters.

She acknowledged that suicide among young women had become a major issue in Chitral but said poverty was not a factor behind it.

Ms Pari said it was imperative that we should share our issues and grievances with family members, relatives and friends and find solutions to them instead of taking the extreme step of committing suicide.

Other speakers said a healthy and educated woman was imperative for a progressive society.

They said women had a major role in development of society but an educated woman could play a more positive and constructive role in bringing up their children.

They said women should acquire proper education without compromising on the values and cultures of the society where they lived.—Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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