Chitral’s teenage ‘jinn doctor’ conducts over 200 surgeries


CHITRAL: A teenage “jinn doctor” in the Jinjiret village of lower Chitral has shot to prominence by treating people for different ailments and even conducting surgeries through what he claims Jinns.

According to Samaa TV, Muhammad Manzoor, 14, has so far conducted over 200 surgeries and the patients have recovered and none of them has developed any complications.

An elderly man told the channel that his wife had complications in her stomach and stopped eating food. He brought her to the Jinn doctor who conducted a surgery on her.

“It is three weeks after the surgery and my woman (wife) is now feeling completely well and taking food normally,” he said.

The boy said Jinns through him were serving people and treating them. A doctor was also quoted by the channel expressing surprise over boy’s ability to conduct surgeries without any complications or complaints.

Meanwhile, Abdul Haq, additional assistant commissioner Drosh where Jinjiret is located, in a letter to the district health officer of Lower Chitral sought legal action against the boy.

He said the student of seventh class has started acting as a doctor prescribing medicines and undertaking surgeries. This act of the child is an offence under the relevant law, he said, requesting the DHO for legal action against him.

Some residents of Drosh and other areas told ChitralToday that Jinns might have had a pity on the locals seeing the absence of doctors at the government hospital in the town.


  1. Shams says

    Ultimately the patients on whom Jin doctor operated will come to real doctor after getting infection in their wounds.

  2. Al Arslan Khwaja says

    A senior doctor in Chitral told me that a patient with kidney stone had visited the boy earlier, who had made his fake surgery with some superficial cut and told him of being cleared from stone. That man with a cut turned septic visited this senior doctor where the wound was washed and upon examine, the stone was there as it was.
    The question is, there is no rule of law and some serious incident is awaited beside septic based diseases in those who suffer for their superstitions and ignorance.

    1. Anonymous says

      Do u have any proof about what u r saying

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