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No clues to culprits involved in theft case

HARCHIN: Three days after thieves barged into a mobile phone shop in the Harchin bazaar and took away phone sets, cash and laptops, police have failed to trace the culprits.

A case has, however, been registered by the Harchin police against unidentified criminals and the police are investigating the incident which occurred on March 3-4 night, locals told ChitralToday.

Local people said a similar incident had also occurred at Phurt (Raman) soon after the Harchin burglary where locks of some shops were found broken. This might be a trick to divert attention from the case in Harchin bazar, said the residents.

It may be noted that similar incidents had also occurred in Harchin and other areas of Laspur valley but due to lack of stringent measures by the police the culprits could not be traced and brought to justice.

The local people called upon the authorities concerned to order strict measures to catch the culprits and bring them to justice so that such incidents could be checked in the area for good.

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