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The speed of a tortoise

By Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig

The government of KP is in an ideal position with its majority in the House to implement the promises made with the voters at the time of general elections. The man in the street was very hopeful that it will deliver and fulfill its pledges within a year or so but now that one and a half years have passed and the ministers are working but I did not find anyone of them in their offices during my 20-day stay in Peshawar. They hide themselves because most of them are inexperienced and know very little about the type of duties that they are supposed to do within specific days.

Many ministers seldom come to their offices for fear of the lies told by them at different forums but have failed to perform on time. Some ministers only cater to the public of their own constituencies whereas they are provincial ministers and have to attend to the grievances of the people from all over the province.

They are just working exclusively for their relatives and friends, not for the public. At the door of one minister there were some applicants, including me, but he rushed out in a hurry and pushed all the visitors on the left and the right with both hands and ran out of the building. This he did discreetly to save himself from listening to the voices of the visitors as he had no idea of his position which he had got as he had taken part in the election with the symbol of ‘Bat’. The votes he received were not his father’s tenants’ but they had voted him on the call of Imran Khan.

This is the situation of the people who are at ministerial level but the bureaucrats are off springs of Pharoa and a file from one table to the next one in the same room takes weeks and continues shuffling. This group is calculatedly working against the vision of the prime minister and is bent upon drowning his image and once again has resumed the old day corrupt ways.

It is a poor governance system and lacks public sympathy because of the behavior of the ministers but a few Special Assistants are exempted and they do attend their offices in time and are seen working or transaction public affairs.

The chief minister is humbly requested to oversee the performance of the current cabinet as he has done a good work be relieving three guys from his team who did nothing except photo sessions. Let the machinery be accelerated and problems of the poor man be attended to and relief work must be visible. In this scenario satisfactory progress and implementation of projects is not to be envisaged.


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