This is us!

By Elahi Bakhsh
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is more concerned about Pakistan than his own under devastation country and so are people chanting the slogan “Larobar yao Afghan”.
It’s time for the people in the northwest of Pakistan to realize that anyone who has ever made them go to a war, which never was theirs, is their enemy; be it a Pakistani general, a taliban leader, or a nationalist doctrine.
We often tend to look at things in black and white, that makes humanity extremely difficult to understand. Mistakes can be made by anybody considered to be human.
A general can take over a country, with its civilian leaders busy in leg pulling each other. The same man can cast a shadow of war on a nation which may have got nothing to do with either of the confronting armies.
A highly acclaimed leader can step out of a dictator’s incubator only to be put to death by another dictator. A holy army can be made to surrender at it’s own groundsel by intruders.
A brotherly country can create problems for his newborn brethren out of sheer greed. As if not enough, yet another baby can yawn out of the dictatorship incubation center.
A land of pure starts to be sold for a price not above a ‘sitting on a certain chair’. A general, out of mere stubbornness, can dethrone an elected prime  minister only for being dethroned later on by the same man.
An elected govt can give a ‘go’ signal to the foreign drones to bomb his own, yeah his own, bloody civilians; saying  “I don’t care about the collateral damage”.
A person having been declared a cirtified corrupt can come up with a ‘vote ko izzat do’ narrative, yet to garner support. A national hero can turn zero for wishing to change the fate of his people within a couple of years for the reasons created by his own self.
So, this is us.
We are full of flaws and drapped in mistakes. If we start ripping each others apart for petty recurring issues then God knows what shall we end up becoming.
(The writer is Lecturer in Govt Degree College Booni). 
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