Govt destroying Golen Gol powerhouse: protesters

CHITRAL: The 108 megawatt Golen Gol hydro power station in lower Chitral is at the verge of closure due to the apathy of WAPDA. Within a couple of years after its operationalization the powerhouse is producing just six megawatts, creating power crisis in both the lower and upper Chitral districts.

Upper Chitral residents are even not getting their share from the six MW of the powerhouse and have been protesting for weeks but to no avail.

On Tuesday, residents of Chitral town also took to the streets and held a protest gathering at Ataligh Chowk against outages.

The protesters said officials responsible for operating the powerhouse had disappeared leaving behind helpers and other lower grade staff to operate the powerhouse.

They said last year in the winter the powerhouse was producing 12 megawatts which was enough for Chitral but this winter its production fell by 50pc due to the negligence of the officials concerned.

They said enough water was available at the source of the powerhouse channel but it was not being utilized. Moreover, five pylons remained damaged on Lowari top. The protesters demanded that these should be repaired so that power could be provided to Chitral from national grid.

It may be noted that due to the carelessness and negligence of the government, the powerhouse in Reshun village, Upper Chitral, could not be rehabilitated even after five years, creating power crisis in Upper Chitral.

2 Replies to “Govt destroying Golen Gol powerhouse: protesters”

  1. Where is the Power Committee.

    Not long ago we had a power committee comprising of three gentlemen who always shouted their voice hoarse about power shortage. They threatened and bullied but are very quiet now when a 108 megawats power house produces only 4 megawats of electricity. Its seems that the Power Committee was only there for NGOs who are easy to bully and cannot talk to WAPDA. Its time the members of the Power Committee wake up and start talking to WAPDA. But there is little likelihood of that because the Power Committee its seems was the representative of a power group and the power group is now out of power!!!

  2. It can only happen in Pakistan (particularly in Chtral) that a 108 mw power station is producing only 6 mw electricity and the govt is sitting happy over it.

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