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Chitral police arrest six suspects in three theft cases

CHITRAL: Police in Lower Chitral arrested six suspected thieves in three theft cases and claimed to have recovered stolen items including weapons from their possession.

The Chitral city police arrested Behroz Hussain, son of Yar Hussain, resident of Rehankot, and recovered stolen automobile spare parts from his possession.

The same police also recovered mobile phones and cash from another suspect, Sajajd, son of Kaka Ghulam, and arrested him.

Muhammad Rehan, son of Sultan Murad of Ayun, was rounded up after the police recovered one repeater gun, one air gun, a 30-bore pistol along with a laptop.

In a case of theft reported to the police from Koghuzi, suspects Asli Uddin, son of Malik, Sher Bahadur, son of Badshah and Muhammad Khan, son of Baz Muhammad, residents of Arandu, were arrested and 10 stolen goats recovered from their possession.


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