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Heavy snowfall caused power crisis in Chitral: minister

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Power Omer Ayub Khan on Thursday told the National Assembly that heavy snowfall in Chitral has disturbed power transmission lines causing outages in both lower and upper district.

Responding to calling attention notice from Molana Abdul Akber Chitrali, the minister said that Chitral has the requirement of 13 to 14 megawatt but due to the winter months generation at the Golen Goal hydro power station had reduced to just five to seven megawatt.

He said the government has already released funds for laying of new lines and work had been started on it, adding construction of small hydro power projects had been launched in Chitral which would be completed soon.

Earlier, MNA Chitrali draw the attention of the minister for power towards the urgent public issue in Chitral.

He said people of Upper Chitral had been protesting against unavailability of power.–APP

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  1. Irfan says

    I agree with the above comment of Arshad. When our MNA raises a question and gets a stupid reply, if he accepts that, then the case of Chitral is further weakened, because the authorities think that it is easy to bluff the MNA. He should be well prepared before raising a point in the assembly, and then he should pursue that point to it’s logical conclusion. That is sadly missing with Molana sahib.

  2. Arshad says

    Good that the MNA raised the question of constant power breakdown, in the assembly, but when the minister put the blame on snowfall, the MNA kept quite. There is more snowfall in Muree, Gilgit, Skardu etc but no power breakdown like Chitral has. The problem is our MNA thinks just speaking in the NA is enough. He doesn’t pursue anything nor cares about what answer he gets when he raises a question. Pursuing and Solving the problem is the issue, not yapping in the Assembly. He should know this.

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